Women's World Championship - Arnborg 2015


At the spring IGC meeting in 2015 the 2018 World Gliding Championships were awarded to Czech Republic in the Open, 18 Metre and 20 Metre Multiseat Classes; and to Poland in the 15 Metre, Standard, and Club Classes.  There was no discussion of whether this re-grouping of classes will be temporary or permanent.

Benalla Entries Now In

As the official entry deadlines approaches, WGC 2017 Benalla has received 114 entries from 29 Countries.


Team Switzerland

SOUTH AFRICAN TEAM - a Family Affair

Slovenia adds Luka Žnidaršič to join  Erazem Polutnik in 18m Class.

Team Sweden

Sweden’s Team Captain Mika Saväng said, “Team Sweden will participate in Benalla with pilots in the Open and the 18m Classes. All members of the team are looking forward to competing in Australia.”

Australian Grand Prix Qualifier
The Australian Grand Prix - first qualifier of Series 8,  will be held at Horsham, approx 300km west of Benalla, from 14-20 December in 18m class. Good practice for the world comps. Book via the web page
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